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FORREST CITY - Twenty years ago, a young mother and her child were evicted from their apartment in Forrest City only a week before Christmas. The family’s belongings were placed in trash bags and heaped in piles on the sidewalk along with their holiday decorations and unopened Christmas presents. The mother allegedly resisted the police and was arrested. The owner of the building, Porter Development Group, obtained eviction judgments against all of the building’s low-income residents despite a Forrest City ordinance that should have prevented the families from being thrown out of their homes during Christmas. Judge Matthias Thorn presided over the eviction cases. Porter Development Group, owned by Janet Porter, was represented in court by attorney Rachel Cavanaugh. 

     The young child from that tragic and traumatic incident grew up to become a serial killer called the Snowman. His homicidal rage was driven by revenge against those responsible: developer Janet Porter, lawyer Rachel Cavanaugh, and Judge Matthias Thorn.

     Dr. Sarah Green from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit stated: “A recent triggering event caused the killer to begin acting on fantasies of killing the victims.”  That triggering event was the suicide of the Snowman’s mother, Jennifer Masters.

    The Snowman serial killer is Matt Kaster. He was arrested and taken into custody after being identified by a special consultant retained by the FBI. Kaster is being held without bail pending trial for the murders of Porter, Cavanaugh, and Thorn. His request to attend the funeral of his mother was denied by the court. Jennifer Masters was buried at the Forrest City Cemetery beneath a willow tree. Her funeral and burial expenses were paid by the widow of Judge Matthias Thorn, the Snowman' s third and final victim.

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