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The Start Here Guide states that the goals for your investigation are to identify the killer and uncover the motive of the murderer. It also advises that you should observe the following protocols during your investigation: (1) solve the case by developing the most likely theory that is supported by the evidence, (2) accept statements made by witnesses or other sources of information as true unless they are contradicted by other evidence, and (3) if an inconsistency arises during your investigation, be sure to check it against the other available evidence.



The groom, Alexander Montgomery, was having an affair with Addison Hudson, the sister of his new bride. He had motive to kill Elizabeth Hudson. By murdering Elizabeth after they were legally married, he would inherit her ownership interest in the Montgomery Hudson law firm. This would give him a controlling interest as the majority owner. However, the evidence also shows that Alexander is not the killer. In his interview, Juan Ruiz stated that he was hired as a cigar roller for the reception. He arrived at the reception at 8:15 pm and set up on the terrace. He also stated that he observed Alexander and his father engaged in heated argument on the terrace that occurred an hour after he arrived at the reception. This indicates that Alexander was present on the terrace at 8:15 pm, the same time that Elizabeth was murdered.



Talia Thomas was not invited to the wedding and attended as the date of Scott Ramer, a friend of the groom. She went to high school with the victim. Reporter Julia Silver stated that former classmates told her Hudson used to bully Talia in high school. This possibly presents a motive for her to harm the victim. However, Talia is not the killer. The evidence shows that all of the suspects except Talia Thomas had key cards which gave them access to the suite where the victim was killed. Since Talia did not have access to the suite, she is not the killer.



Reporter Julia Silver stated that Cameron Cole had been having an affair with the victim, Elizabeth Hudson, for the past six months. He was engaged in a romantic relationship with her. The evidence does not present a plausible motive for him to kill the victim. Although he did have a key card to access the suite where the murder occurred, there is also no evidence indicating that he was present in the suite at the time of the murder.



Carrie Ward was the victim’s maid of honor. The evidence does not present a plausible motive for her to murder the victim. It also shows that she cannot be the killer. In his interview, Marcus Montgomery stated that Angela Carter collapsed on the dance floor during the reception. Carrie Ward rushed to her side and then sat with her until she felt better. Reporter Julia Silver indicated that Angela Carter collapsed at 9:13 pm. This indicates that Carrie Ward could not have been present in the suite where the victim was killed at the time of the murder.



Addison Hudson is the victim’s sister. The evidence indicates that Addison and Elizabeth did not get along. It also indicates that she was having an affair with the groom, Alexander Montgomery. She was pregnant with his child. In the Chat Transcript in the evidence, HH states that she Addison was “literally obsessed with Alex.” This provides a motive for murder: jealousy and the desire to eliminate her romantic rival. There is no evidence that provides her with an alibi for the time of the murder. Based on the analysis of the evidence as stated above, Addison Hudson is the only suspect with the means, motive, and opportunity to murder Elizabeth Hudson. She is the killer.

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