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The Assignment Letter from the Forrest City Police Department states your goals for the case: investigate the evidence and uncover the identity of the killer before he kills again.


The letter also states that you should observe the following protocols during your investigation: (1) solve the case by developing the most likely theory that is supported by the evidence, (2) accept statements made by witnesses or other sources of information as accurate unless they are contradicted by other evidence, and (3) if an inconsistency arises during your investigation, be sure to check it against the other available evidence.


The FBI profile in the case file provides an excellent starting point. Use the profile to identify those suspects who fit the predicted characteristics of the serial killer. For example, the profile predicts that the killer is a white male, younger than fifty-years-old, and not married. 


Price’s fingerprints were found in Crystal Thomas’s apartment. However, Price falls well outside the parameters of the FBI profile. He is over fifty years old and married. In the absence of other evidence, Don Price is not the serial killer.


The book page recovered from the Crystal Thomas crime scene is a page from Dante’s Inferno. On one side is a list of deadly sins with some sins crossed off. On the other side is text from the book with squares drawn around certain letters. Making a list of those letters in order reveals: wwwthebookofmicahcom. Type it in as a web address to find an audio message from the killer.  


Listening to the recording from Micah reveals that he was born and raised in Forrest City. Micah’s accounting of his childhood parallels the predictions made by the FBI profile. It also gives us another clue about his identity to add to the characteristics in the profile.


An advertisement in the newspaper reveals the website address for the law firm of Oglevie, Thorn & Sharpe. On that website, the profile for David Myers states that he was born and raised in New York. Since we know from Micah’s audio file that he was born and raised in Forrest City, David Myers is not the killer.


The evidence reveals that Kendall has an alibi for the Crystal Thomas murder. In the newspaper, Donna Roberts states that her boyfriend “Bob” who is a mail carrier was with her at her apartment from 8:00 pm until 12:30 am on the night of the murder. Additionally, the FBI interviewed Sheila Page who stated that her live-in boyfriend Bob who is a mail carrier did not come home on the night that Crystal Thomas was killed. Based on these statements, it is clear that “Bob” and Robert Kendall are the same person. Since Robert Kendall was with Donna in her apartment when Crystal Thomas was murdered, Kendall cannot be the killer.


Although White raises suspicions due to his disturbing conduct and the presence of his fingerprints in Crystal Thomas’ apartment, he is not the killer. White is too young. Micah killed his first victims twelve years ago by bludgeoning them to death with a hammer.  White would have only been 11 years old when Micah killed David Cox and Vivian Morgan.



His fingerprints were found in Crystal Thomas’ apartment, but the evidence shows he could not be the killer. The FBI investigation report states that a man named Tye Phillips was released from prison twenty-four months ago after serving his full sentence for DUI resulting in bodily injury to a third person. A booking card in the case file reveals that Tye Phillips and suspect Roman Durant are the same person. The booking card also indicates that Phillips/Durant served a prison sentence of 26 months. Given that he was released from prison twenty-four months ago, Phillips/Durant was in jail when the last Micah murder occurred three years ago.  Since Phillips/Durant was incarcerated when victim Kolisnyk was murdered, he cannot be the killer.



Gilliam Bailey is the killer. First, Bailey fits the characteristics predicted by the FBI profile. He is a white male and less than fifty years old. Bailey wrote a book about the murders, demonstrating detailed knowledge of Micah’s killings going back to the first victim. Furthermore, the five other persons of interest identified by the FBI can be eliminated as suspects for different reasons as set forth above. We must conclude that Gilliam Bailey is the serial killer.

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Articles and advertisements in the newspaper often contain hints about future murder mysteries. It also includes references to people, places, and events important to Forrest City's continuing storylines.


Although each of our murder mysteries can be solved independently without any knowledge of other mysteries, there are dark secrets and hidden connections that tie all of our monthly mysteries together.

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